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HQ is a Canadian podcast that takes a skeptical look at western society and culture. Our hosts and international guests pick a topic and put it under the microscope to see what truths we can find. With a soundscape break and a changing selection of independent music ending the show this 60 minute squeak fest is bound to make you laugh, and think. Our belief: “Knowledge starts with questions, don’t fear them.”.

Each episode is fully indexed by topic, has accompanied references in the show notes, and allows you to comment publicly via the embedded Soundcloud app or at the bottom of each page. Be part of the conversation, join in.

 If you’re just joining us and starting from episode 000, welcome.
We’re an amuater podcast that’s constantly evolving, enjoy the ride.


035: Is This the End?

It’s not you, it’s us. We’ll be back in a different form. Stay tuned.

Download Episode 035 - Is This the End?




Download Episode 034A-LOLWUT?


034: Syria-sly?

This week on Hardly Qualified, we find ourselves at a bit of a loss because our scheduled guests were unable to appear, and we found ourselves scrambling to make shit up. So, we talk about movies and Halloween in the snow and potato chips. We talk about the cola wars, and how it effects nude photography. Then Bill Cosby joins us to talk about how we need to get rid of everyone.

And then, we talk about the most important thing: Syria.

Download Episode 034 - Syriasly


033: Human Pest Control

Today we talk about the end of civilization… mostly.

We start off innocently enough, with the world view of cats, but devolve into the rise and fall of nation states, how slavery is an unsustainable form of labour, and how failure breeds strength and success breeds weakness.

Keeping in line with the Fall of Civilization theme we talk Miley Cyrus, twerking, and Batfleck. Then on to talk about mankind’s territorial nature from things as big as neighbouring states to as small as ants.

With an interruption from Dawkins and The Hitch, and a song by the MarlBros, this week’s episode is reasonably coherent, and we hope it’s interesting and fun.

Download Episode 033 - Human Pest Control


032: WHATEVER! w/ Maia & The Working Man

Cover Art - Man with NO TRESPASSING sign for ep. #032

We get together with Maia Jern and The Working Man and talked about - whatever. Ducky is moving and he stresses about packing, unpacking, and going through all the things one collects over the years while deciding which to keep and what to toss, leading us into a discussion about the nostalgia of old technology.

We talk about identity theft, the security of information, how social media is filtering our awareness and manufacturing world-views.  We talk about privilege, and autism, and the tyranny of pet cats.

We don’t have a plan, but we hope that doesn’t matter.

Download Episode 032 - WHATEVER! With Maia and The Working Man


031: Breasts, Bigots and Bathrooms

Here it is.  You asked for it.  More feminism.

This time, Karen (you’ll remember her from the Zombie episode) joins us , and Maia returns to discuss this issue.

Download Episode 031 - Breasts, Bigots, and Bathrooms


030: On Death


Will’s cousin commited suicide this week, and in this special, emergency episode of Hardly Qualified, we discuss the nature of suicide, how it impacts the people around us, and why we feel the way we feel about it.

We as a society tend to think of suicide as a selfish or cowardly act, but is it?  Does the act of suicide require that one be insane, or suffering from the effects of a mental illness, or at least, a temporary state of obliviousness to reality, or can a person be rational in his/her choice to end his/her life?

What about counselling someone who’s contemplating suicide?  Can we?  Should we?  What goals do the counsellors have when dealing with someone who is suicidal, and what goals does the suicidal person have?  Are they the same?  Should they be?

We have many thoughts about this topic, and in this episode, we talk about them.  Partially as catharsis, but also because they need to be talked about, because in the end, death affects us all, and we shouldn’t be frightened to discuss it. 

Download Episode 030 - On Death